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  • 3d Carousel configuration

    Recently activated the 3d Carousel and have a question on functionality for others that are using it.

    I want one of the images to link to an external page. We want it to open in a blank window but when you put the url in the "Links to (URL):" field it works, but opens the page in the same window, taking the user away from the site.

    Support said to enter proper html link code in that field and include the target="_blank" . But, when you do that it completely breaks the link in that slide.

    Anyone successfully get the 3d Carousel to open a link in a blank window?

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    I don't have the Carousel, but if you give me a link to a page where it's installed I can probably figure out how to fix it.


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      Go to your home.html and find this line of code (should be 6th -8th row):

      <div id="homeCarousel" class="nivoSlider"><!--START: carousel--><a href="[link]"><img src="[image]" alt="" width="[hc_width]" height="[hc_height]" title="[caption]"/></a><!--END: carousel--></div>

      Change to:
      <div id="homeCarousel" class="nivoSlider"><!--START: carousel--><a href="[link]" target="_blank"><img src="[image]" alt="" width="[hc_width]" height="[hc_height]" title="[caption]"/></a><!--END: carousel--></div>

      See if that works... It should.

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        Shaun's code will work, but that means the the hyperlinks for ALL the slides will open in a new window. It doesn't look like the embedded carousel supports designating individual slides to open in new windows/tabs.

        You may be able to implement some JS that could alter the carousel would be kind of a hack, but it could work.
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          I opened a support ticket and got the standard "coding is beyond the scope of support", even after I asked the first level to bump it up.

          As VS mentioned, the kicker here is that some should open blank and some should open in the same window.

          I would THINK it's as simple as putting an "open blank" checkbox in the settings for each image. Then in their JS they just change the way it opens.


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            I would suggest it be listed as a feature request.

            It appears the Carousel was rushed into production. The code snippet shows the ability to insert a [caption] field, but the admin screens do not have data inputs for these fields.


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