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  • Store down for no apparent reason


    I wonder if anyone else is having these issues.

    Every couple of weeks my site goes down for no apparent reason. Support run a script to reset the backend and everything is fine again.

    Support has offered 2 solutions:
    1. Upgrade to the Power Plan (as I have a tiny eCommerce site - this seems overkill).

    2. Typically what causes this is a script on the backend of your site that might have gotten stuck while triggering itself, it could be that a customer was browsing the site and closed their browser but the script is still waiting for a command when there's none

    Obviously, 3 is move to another eCommerce provider for greater reliability.

    If anyone has been experiencing downtime - what have you done to resolve the issue.

    Regards Sue
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    Happened to me a year or two ago. I started using Pingdom and Service Uptime to monitor my site for free and gather data on how often it went down. After a few weeks or a month of excessive downtime I opened a ticket and insisted that they move my site to a different server. No problems since then.


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      They are saying that they will only move my site to another server if I upgrade to Power Plan - which is completely unnecessary in my opinion. I have 700 products, 2000 monthly visitors, database usage is 60% of total.

      They are saying it is due to database size.
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        Sounds bogus to me. 3DCart guarantees a 99.9% uptime. Start keeping track of it. Don't take no for an answer.


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          Agreed - I noticed the issue got worse after upgrading to version 6 and implementing the carousel. 3dcart says this is not the reason.

          I started monitoring the site using uptime robot last night. It has been down twice since then - once for 1h43m, the second for 43min.

          I am going to call and escalate tomorrow.

          It definitely looks like a server sizing issue to me (as someone who has worked in the IT industry for the last 20 years). This is just a hobby!
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            Same Problem here - Every two months or so we have this problem too.

            This happens to our site every two months or so. I contact support and they reset the scrips or whatever, but what if I didn't notice this? How long would it be down for? Don't they have something in place to notify them about this?

            I think 3dCart is fantastic, but this is one thing that needs to be fixed.

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              Yes it is a problem, and you need to be proactive about it. Set up monitoring accounts at the services I mentioned. Then you won't have to notice it, they'll email you. You can probably set it up so they'll email 3dcart too.


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                I phoned 3dcart this morning in desperation from Australia. My site was down again for 4 hours. So in 36 hours it has been down 5 times. Up time since monitoring is 78%. They say they have 'resolved' the situation - but don't say how.

                It is obvious that they do zero monitoring of websites - so their claim of 99.9% up time is false.

                PS I work as an IT Manager for a large company in Australia and can tell when I am being lied to. They clearly have server issues or serious bugs in their software. This should not happen at all and if it does happen they should be monitoring all sites for up time and the reset script should be automated.

                Until now I have loved 3dcart and recommended to everyone I know - but in all honesty I now cannot.
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                  When I have had repeated downtime problems, which has happened a couple of times over the years, being moved to a different server has resolved the issue.

                  As for support, it may not be a matter of being them lying to you as much as it may be that the support tech just doesn't understand what the problem is. Over the past couple of years it seems to me that the knowledgeability of the first level support staff has decreased dramatically. That may or may not be true, but that has certainly been my impression.

                  Definitely contact them again and insist on a server move. That should stop the downtime.
                  Laura Z
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                    I got the real answer - support has not been truthful.

                    Any plan below a Power Plan is by default assigned Microsoft Access as the back-end.

                    As an IT Manager, I know that Microsoft Access has severe limitations with regards database size.

                    I refer to the following article:

                    Access 2010 specifications - Access -

                    Total size for an Access 2010 database (.accdb), including all database objects and data
                    2 gigabytes, minus the space needed for system objects.
                    NOTE You can work around this size limitation by linking to tables in other Access databases. You can link to tables in multiple database files, each of which can be as large as 2GB.

                    As an IT Manager/Consultant it has been 10 years since I used MS Access for any mission critical online application. Most software developers have moved to using MS SQL Express Edition (which is free up to 2Gb DB and more reliable).

                    The reason support is recommending an upgrade to PowerPlan is so that they can move me to a server running SQL. This is unacceptable as the plan I am on (Gold) guarantees support of a 5GB DB plus 99.9% up time. In my 20 years experience in the industry they cannot guarantee this on any plan using MS Access.

                    The upshot is that I have spoken to a Team Leader called Andrew - who is going to investigate moving my database to SQL.

                    Quite frankly, I am amazed that 3dcart is using MS Access and had I known this when I signed up - I would have stayed well clear of them. Lesson learnt I suppose.
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                      My understanding is that PowerPlan runs on MS Access as well. I am on the Power Plan and I know that my site uses Access as the back end. I also have a MUCH larger database than you do (40,000 SKUs) and 15,000-20,000 visitors per month.

                      I have been told that the "Enterprise" level plans run on MS SQL.

                      Yes I hate the idea of running on MS Access, but the performance has been perfectly fine once we got on a solid server.


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                        Thanks for that information. You should definitely be on SQL with that DB size.

                        Definitely makes my problems more interesting - there must be something else at play here. I agree a server move sounds appropriate.

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                          3dcart does not monitor your store uptime. You need to use a third party monitoring system to ensure your uptime. There is no notification to 3dcart that your store may be down.


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                            Originally posted by Mark View Post
                            3dcart does not monitor your store uptime. You need to use a third party monitoring system to ensure your uptime. There is no notification to 3dcart that your store may be down.
                            So how can they guarantee 99.9% up time if they do not monitor downtime?


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                              I just set up pingdom out of curiosity. Did you do the recommended settings of 1 min pings and notify if down for 5 minutes? Wondering how much bandwidth this will use......