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Recently Viewed Item History issue

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  • Recently Viewed Item History issue

    Anyone else having issues with this feature in IE?

    I've noticed that the Turn History On / Turn History Off toggle function doesn't seem to want to work in IE11. It works in every other browser that I tried, but not IE for whatever reason. I even loaded up one of the default 3DCart listing templates just to make sure that I didn't break something when I created my own. The behavior didn't change when I switched to a clean, unmodified listing template.

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    is it throwing any script errors in the developer console?


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      Nothing shows up in the Chrome or Firefox dev. consoles. If I open the developer's console in IE, I don't get any errors, but I do get several warnings, mostly involving "unmatched end tag" or "unexpected token". I looked these warnings up and they are all just HTML5 parser warnings.

      If I compare the dev. console output for when I refresh the page to when I toggle the "turn history on/off" button, I get the exact same results. In other words, these warnings are being generated merely by refreshing the page and appear to have nothing to do with the toggling the history on or off.