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How to add an extra field below one of my product options

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  • How to add an extra field below one of my product options

    I want to add extra field 8 below one of my product options

    I know how to do HTML and CSS but when I move the code into the proper area of the listing_0.html template no changes show on my product page when I save the new file.
    I am adding the code for extra field 8:
    <!--START: extra_field_8-->
    <td colspan="3"><strong>[product_extrafield8]</strong></td>
    <td class="item" colspan="3">[extra_field_8]</td>
    <!--END: extra_field_8-->

    Into this section of code:

    <!--START: file-format-->
    [value]: [oprice]<br />
    <input type="file" name="file[oname]" size="20" class="txtBoxStyle" />
    <br />

    <!--END: file-format-->

    Is there something that is not refreshing? I have cleared cache and cookies etc

    Please let me know - thanks in advance!

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    Simply putting '[extra_field_8]' anywhere on the product page should do the trick. You don't even need the extra stuff. Are you sure you're editing the right template file? (Are other changes showing up?)


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      Make sure that you clear the site cache (under settings > general > store settings) if you haven't already done so. Changes that you make to the templates won't show until the site cache has been cleared.

      Also, to expand on what cbsteven said, we have found it helpful to label the templates with a comment - for example <!--listing_0.html>. This way it is much easier to figure out what template a page is using simply by viewing the page source. For some silly reason, none of the default templates have labels which can make it difficult to figure out which one is in use.