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"Item not available yet or 3dcart error"

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  • "Item not available yet or 3dcart error"

    Some of our clients have complained that they can not see the PRICE or ADD TO CART buttons on our site, instead they see this error message "Item not available yet or 3dcart error"

    We have had this issue since day 1 with but every time we've called 3dCart Tech Support their reaction has been "We can see the price on our computer at 3dCart so there is NO problem and there is nothing we can do" !!! Very impressive tech support to say the least...

    Although the issue is only on some computers, we want to be able to guide clients with a procedure if this happens, or ideally fix it !

    Many clients probably just leave the website if they see a problem like this, so we have probably lost some sales because of it already.

    So now I'm turning to all of you for help (since 3dCart support does not see any issues with their Eyes Wide Shot).

    Please help !!!
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    mirshams, I understand that problems like that can be frustrating. Troubleshooting them can be even more frustrating.
    I have not seen such an error before. I looked in a few places but I cannot see where this error is coming from.
    Would be nice to have a link to the product page so we can see the template and try to re-product the error. I assume the error is on the listing template, however I am not sure as it could also be on the Category template.
    Please elaborate and provide a link to the page where the error occurs.


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      Link to the problem page...

      Thanks for your interest in resolving the issue.

      Here's one of the products:

      Microsoft Project 2007 Course Series 16.0 PDUs

      (same with all other products)

      There's a chance that on your computer you CAN actually see the BUY NOW and PRICE, but many people can not.

      It works on my MAC, but it does now show on my brand new HP laptop !!

      I am told it's the API code (which was given to us by 3dCart team when we set up the website)

      Nonetheless it is causing problems and making us lose clients !

      I also have an ope ticket on it at 3dCart, hoping that someone will figure it out.


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        I think this is way above my head. I see that it is not a typical 3dcart template. When the page loads I see "loading cart" which changes to the "add to cart button". I am sorry I cannot be of any help on this.


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          just so happens i am using an hp laptop also - envy 17 to be exact, and i can see the buy it now just fine.

          /shrug wish i could help.


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            function get_cart(pr_id)
            url: 'product.asp?itemid='+parseInt(pr_id),
            success: function(data) {
            var price_dat=$(data).find(".price-info .price-info").contents();
            // var pr_price=$(price_dat).find("#price").contents();
            //var pr_onsale=$(price_dat).find("s").contents();
            $('.shop_cart').html('<div class="cart_prize"><div class="product_price"></div> </div><div class="buy_but"><a href=";quick=1&amp;item_id='+parse Int(pr_id)+'"><img border="0" src="images/buy_now.jpg" ></a></div>');
            if($('.product_price').html()==''){$('.shop_cart') .html('Item not available yet or 3dcart error');}
            $('.shop_cart').html('Item not available yet');

            error : function() { $('.shop_cart').html('Item not available yet'); }




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              Our programmer fetches the product price from the product page on 3dcart using AJAX.

              I'm not sure if 3dcart API supports any other options for getting the product price outside 3dcart pages. Can anyone help?

              The AJAX issue (error) comes because of the internal response delay in 3dCart server, otherwise it looks fine (on most computers).

              Any ideas how else we can get the PRICE?



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                This isn't answering your question, but why in the world are you doing it like this? Building an ecommerce page via javascript? The fact that google won't be able to interpret the page is the first problem that comes to my head, but there must be many others, such as the problem in the original post.


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                  I wish someone from 3dCart would give us a hint how to get the PRICE for the products on our pages !! We also have an open Ticket on this but it's dead silence as usual.


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                    Originally posted by mirshams View Post
                    I wish someone from 3dCart would give us a hint how to get the PRICE for the products on our pages !! We also have an open Ticket on this but it's dead silence as usual.
                    It's hard for me to imagine 3DCart supporting this type of setup you are using, since it is totally not standard. You can try emailing Gonzalo or Jimmy directly because they have more technical expertise than standard support team. (gil or jimmy @


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                      I haven't used the API from 3dcart but just doing some initial browser tests it looks like Internet Explorer 7 and earlier are probably the browsers that are having the issues pulling the product information.

                      I used to see how quickly your pages load and if they load correctly on all broswers and IE 7 and 6 took forever to load, so my guess (based off very little information) would be there is a delay in response time, so maybe after x amount of time your script just displays the ERROR because it can't get a response. You may want to see if there are any response time limits through the API. That's my guess because all my browsers on a Mac pull up your site just fine and pretty quick!


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                        Good Morning mirshams,

                        My name is Fernando, and I'm the CCO for 3dcart. I hear that you have an open ticket with our support department and haven't heard back from them. Can you please send me that open ticket number. I'll have someone look into if further.

                        Thank you,
                        Fernando- CCO 3dcart