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Losing business due to shipping

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  • Losing business due to shipping

    My company makes bee hives and related woodenware products. One problem that I need to try to find a solution is regarding shipping. A bee box weighs 9 lbs unassembled. So somebody orders 5 and 3dCart along with UPS assumes 5 separate packages of 9 lbs. each. Shipping is way high and wrong. I can put 5 of those bee boxes into one shipping container, but I'm not seeing how I can tell the system that. Same thing happens with the frames that go inside bee boxes. They weight just under a pound each - somebody orders 75, and the system comes up with an astronomical rate whereas we can package up to 100 frames in one box.

    Anybody know to make this work? My old online store allowed for quantities per shipping container, but I'm not finding it here.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check what you have entered in:

    Settings > Shipping > Shipping Settings > Max Box Weight

    The value entered here will allow you to accumulate multiple items into a single box for shipment until you go over the Max Box Weight. Then it starts a second box.

    Hope that helps.


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      go to Settings>Shipping>shipping settings and look for Max Box Weight. Change that (see image)
      Also, I think shipping calculations take into account the max size allowed by shipping carriers. So if your items have large sizes listed on the item page, then that might max out or apply oversize charges.

      3dcart documentation for shipping calculations logic are ambiguous, and I wish for a more detailed explanation of the logic behind figuring our shipping costs.
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        One more thought.

        Under shipping options you have the option of ships by itself. Make sure that this option is not clicked. The cart will then assume they are going into one box.

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          Free shipping

          You have a history of package weights & destinations which could give you an idea of how much to charge - Free shipping would most likely boost your sales


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            One problem with putting multiples in one box. It's something I ran into.
            If you sell one item, you have to include the weight of the packaging in the shipping weight for each item.
            So, even if all items go into one box, the combined weight would be that of the TOTAL packaging weight for the items along with the combined weight of the items. That will add to shipping costs too.

            I wish we could put in some kind of discount for multiple items, and NOT just the same item, in one order to compensate for this.

            I gave up on trying to make 3dcart's shipping work in anything but a basic manner and just set most everything to free domestic shipping. Of course, I had to include the packaging weight, so the same problem applies, but it's less apparent to the customer.
            Sure screws over my international customers though.