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How to improve the onsite search engine?

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  • How to improve the onsite search engine?

    Hi guys.

    I've been looking at my 'search keywords' report and realised that customers may not be getting the products shown that they are looking for.

    i.e. if they typed in 'top coat' then 825 products show as the word 'top coat' is in the instructions for how to use 825 other products! I only sell one top coat so ideally this should be showing.

    Can I set the search engine so it just picks out product name, description and keywords rather than everything? Is there a way to narrow the search settings?

    Thanks in advance! x

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    under Settings->General->Store Settings there is a section titled "Store Search Settings" where you can customize which sections of each product are searched.


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      thanks cbsteven. Must have asked technical help to 3dcart at the same time you were posting this - they said said to do the same. I looked under store settings before but I must have had my eyes closed!

      To customize any extra field you can use Customize Advanced Search Options
      Go to Settings =>General =>Store Settings
      In the Store Search Options section, mark the check box labelled "Use Advanced Search" to expand the advanced search options.
      Choose the fields you would like your search terms applicable to.

      I've now done this and the search engine is working properly!