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Weird order creation bugs

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  • Weird order creation bugs

    Sorry if these have been brought up before, but I've encountered a couple of items (that I would consider to be bugs) when taking a phone order from a customer.

    The first involves a duplicate order. I had a customer call that placed an order back in October who wanted to make the same purchase again. I found his old order, clicked on the '+action' button at the top of the page and then selected 'Duplicate Order'. Everything looked fine and I completed the order for him. I then realized that the product price was not current. In other words, it was showing the product at the price he had paid previously. The shipping rate was current, but the product price was not. Since the item went down in price since he last ordered, I had to adjust the order total manually and resend him the confirmation.

    The second thing I came across involved using the virtual terminal to help a customer complete an order. A customer called because he was having difficulty placing his order (card wouldn't go through). So. I found the incomplete order, opened it in the admin panel and then clicked on the '+ Actions' button. From here I opened the virtual terminal and completed the order for the customer. The card went through, but the order never appeared in New Orders. After a call to tech support, they gave me this workaround: In the incomplete cart, find the STATUS dropdown and change it to 'Unpaid'. Then locate the order in Unpaid Orders and change the status again to 'New'. It's not the end of the world, but it's funky just the same. The other issue I found with the virtual terminal is that using it automatically forces the transaction to 'Purchase' (ticketed) even though we have our merchant account set to 'Authorize Only'. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm not sure if it's some type of incompatibility with our gateway (GGE4) or if it behaves this way with other gateways as well.

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    As to Point 2, you are right on both points. The Virtual terminal will do an immediate capture. You also have to fiddle with the order status to get it to NEW. Not the end of the world, but could be better. It becomes a problem when an un-experienced customer service person is doing this.


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      Don't Visa & MC require that the merchandise be shipped before the online merchant can capture the funds? Unless something changed, this has always been my understanding. It seems to me that the virtual terminal should default to "authorize only" and/or have a toggle for capture/authorization.