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  • Semalt

    Does anyone know how to block Semalt from our websites? I have tried to nail down something that could be added to the robot.txt but from what I am reading that will not do any good. I do not know how to look up the IP address in smarter stats either. Just keep seeing them hit my site over and over with their lovely 100% bounce rate.

    Cruddy bandwidth stealing nasties........

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    You're not alone. I see them all the time in my woopra stats. I've looked all over online to see how to block them, so far I've not found a way. Someone, in a blog, said you can block through .htaccess file with a small snippet of code, others report that hasn't worked either.


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      Go to the bottom of this page and follow directions


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        I lost the bookmark for that page, thanks much! I've added my website to that list before but I kept seeing it on the site over and over and over. I'll try it again, never hurts, right?


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          Reverse IP

          I found that link in under one minute. To find an IP address, get the sire somanin name and Google IP reverse lookup. Here's the data I found:

          IPv4 address:
          Reverse DNS:
          RIR: RIPENCC
          Country: Netherlands
          RBL Status: Clear
          Thread: No threats detected

          You could add the IP address to the IP Security list.


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            They have many IP addresses. The last ones that came through were from Brazil, not the Netherlands as they were the first few times. Wordpress finally flagged them.

            This info I had bookmarked from when I did my searches, etc. a couple months ago

            What is the website www.semalt .com about?