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canada post expedited shipping issue,please help!

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  • canada post expedited shipping issue,please help!

    I can't seem to get CA post expedited real time shipping to work. Xpresspost seems to work fine....all things are equal in terms of dimensions of product etc, i made things as easy i could to eliminate any errors on my part but when i check out only the xpresspost shipping is displayed....3dcart support weren't much help..they basically just said contact canada post...and i suspect canada post will say the same thing tomorrow when i call...Is there something I need to get setup on the canada post side? I've got a commercial account with them...

    just wondering does anyone have expedited working on their site??? thanks!...

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    Both Expedited for Canada and Expedited US Commercial for the USA are coming up as options for us. Nothing unusual about the setup that I can see.