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  • Office 365 Small Business

    Is anybody out there using Office 365 with their 3Dcart setup. I am particularly interested if you had any trouble setting up email or any thoughts on the service as a whole.

    I have considered Google Apps but I much prefer Outlook for handling email.


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    We use Google Apps. We changed for a local Outlook setup with IMAP.
    There are add-ons for Gmail that makes it look like Outlook, and the filtering is as good as the rules on Outlook.
    Setting up Google Mail was fairly easy. Let me know if you need more details.


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      Thanks for the info.

      I switched to Cloudflare and the set up for 365 was super easy. As a bonus I am having far less trouble with Google. Over the past few weeks Google was reporting up to 30% of my products with 4xx errors for products not found. Switched on Cloudflare and it has dropped to just a few (and getting better each day).


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        We have also been on Cloudflare for a few months now and things have worked out very well. The site is much faster, and the bandwidth savings are amazing.

        One thing we noticed is that their stats about visitors are wrong, and they have acknowledged that, but there is not fix yet.