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Weird rewards points bug?

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  • Weird rewards points bug?

    I have a rather frustrated customer who states that every time she tries to add an item to her cart, it keeps telling her she does not have the 48 rewards points needed to purchase it. She cannot even add it to her cart (she does not have any unfinished orders in admin either). The strange thing is the item cannot be bought with points, but you would be rewarded with 48 points if you bought it.

    I tested it and got all the way to payments so it is not happening for me. Anyone else experience this? Its a little worrisome.

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    Never heard of this one before. If you can't reproduce it it'll be a hard one to diagnose. If you open the incomplete order do you see any errors?


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      I've tried reproducing it and cannot. She has no incomplete orders. I am assuming it is because it would not even let her add it to the cart. She is a registered customer and there was nothing strange in her account either.

      I am hoping I can take her order via phone and maybe find out what OS etc. she has. Otherwise I'm stumped and hoping its not happening to anyone else.


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        I just spoke with her on the phone and she is using the newest IE and Windows 8. Its a new computer and a desktop. I placed the order as a phone order and it shows up in her account correctly. So bizarre!