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USPS Tracking number Error

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  • USPS Tracking number Error

    So, we just went live today on 3d cart.... We are having a very difficult time with tracking numbers and getting a slew of emails from customers.

    We have three options for shipping - free shipping, 2nd day ($14.95) and overnight ($29.95) - simple.

    We print out our labels on and manually put in the tracking numbers. -

    The issue, customers are getting these emails and when they go to track it - there is an error: " The tracking system returned the following error : Not enough information provided "

    We created a custom form in the shipping area and I am sure that is the problem - what is the work around for this? Can anyone help?

    Thank you-
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    I found out the hard way too.

    You need carrier credentials to do tracking. So if you are not setup with USPS you need to do so and then enter the credentials in Shipping settins, same for Fedex and UPS.


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      Thank You elightbox. I am set up at and just logged into their website to make sure, but when I do the 'test' at usps it says the connection has 'failed'

      Not sure what to do....


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        The credentials you use on are just to log into their web site. You need different credentials to use on your web site.
        There might be a link at settings >shipping >shipping settings >USPS to sign up.


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          I do not know where I got to get those credentials. Where do I go??

          I contacted support via chat and submitted a ticket – they just told me that my credentials are wrong. Hate wasting time on something that is probably so simple to figure out.


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            Click Show Credentials and there should be a link to get a username/password. Once you register you will get the information. Then you have to email USPS and ask them to turn on the API, it will be in test mode and wont work correctly until they turn it on.


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              Thank you Thank you, that is the answer I needed.