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    I hope someone can help me with this! I am trying to set up a Fundraising Program so that is someone put in a code 40% of their purchase will go to the charity signified by that code. They pay full price and we'll add up the running total and send it to the charity. So, if someone purchases say $25 of products their cart could say $10 goes to the Such and Such School.

    Is this possible? I don't think it should be too hard. Also, only certain categories would qualify, not all the products.

    Our site is

    Sister Mary Catharine

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    The only way I see this working is by using the Free Product feature in the Promotions Manager.
    You would have to create products with the different charities and percentages and assign codes to them:
    10% for XYZ code:10XYZ (this adds item 10XYZ to the order at 0 price)
    25% for XYZ code:25XYZ (this adds item 25XYZ to the order at 0 price)
    40% for AAA code:40AAA (this adds item 40XYZ to the order at 0 price)

    Create products with 0 price, use the same promo code for the SKU to avoid confusion, and tie each item to the corresponding promotion. The item name should clarify the donation percentage and charity.

    When a customer places an order they can apply one of these promotions and it would add the item: 10XYZ 10% to XYZ charity at 0 price, so it will not affect the item total.

    You can limit the categories that each promotion code applies to in the promotion manager

    The good thing is you can look on the item stats tab and see all the purchases for that item.

    hope this helps.
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