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3dcart Incompatibility with IE internet Explorer Checkout

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  • 3dcart Incompatibility with IE internet Explorer Checkout

    I lost big time sale when customer tried to order and unable to order it.
    I am getting regular complains, i have reported it to 3dcart many times but they want screen shot of the problem which i don't have.

    Here are some problems
    1.Customer tried to order it via paypal using Internet Explorer 8
    Error Recieved: Version is outdated

    2. Customer tried to order via credit card using Internet Explorer IE 8.007 OR 8.0.7
    He got error
    Invalid or missing State

    This had happened many many times. Some time customer called and we are able to get order over the phone. But we lost that sales many times.

    3dcart customer service want screen shot, which is absurd.?

    Any body listening here to fix the problem. I have two domain with same problem?

  • #2
    Hey Myshakamin!

    Do you want to provide a link to your site?

    Obvious question is have you tried your site out yourself on that browser? I know you may have but it's sure much easier to know exactly when the errors occur when they happen right in front of you! Also if you look in the URL (if it is a 3dcart Error) you can find the Error # - which may be helpful to 3dcart so they can see why those browsers are throwing the errors.


    • #3
      the screen shot is far from absurd. there are many things you can tell from one. as brian mentioned, the url will note error codes that can be traced back to the source and help in diagnosis. Also, If you are using a template they can sometimes track an error by what page displays in general (most likely its just recursive of the url, but i digress)

      if you ask for help, let them help you and provide them a screenshot, and while you are at it, stick it up here too.


      • #4

        From your previous thread I would assume that the problem is not IE, but your Ajax coded interface with the shopping cart. Run some test sales yourself and find where the problem occurs. You will usually find it in the code immediately before the error. If they're getting stick at state, find out what value is asked for before that. You can't be mad at 3D for not correcting your code. That is not their job. I'm sure they'll correct it, if you can't, for a price.


        • #5
          It sounds like it is browser version specific.

          Can you provide some screenshots so we can help? :)
          - Peace


          • #6
            I bet it's a template problem. I've had them in the past and a screen shot went a long ways to solving the problem.


            • #7
              I got complain daily from customers about this. Then take order using firefox or chrome without any problem.

              It is purely IE incompatibility issue. There are many threads on forums but i don't know why 3dcart don't fix this problem.


              • #8
                It looks like support is not able to replicate the issue you are having.
                Have you experienced this issue yourself?
                Also if you can point me to the other threads about this same issue.
                Gonzalo Gil
                3dCart Support
                800-828-6650 x111


                • #9
                  We have customers checking out all day on IE. Like I said, I bet it's a problem with your template.


                  • #10
                    I have had issues with IE9 (I think, since all the customers reporting the issue use IE9) causing some customers using PayPal Express Checkout payment to not be able to complete checkout.

                    What happens is the customer goes to PayPal, authorizes the payment and then comes pack to 3dcart and gets stuck not with the shipping calculation page redirecting back to checkout step1 instead of going to step 3 like it should.

                    With something like this a screen shot really doesn't tell you anything. Everything looks fine on the customers end but when they click proceed they get sent to the wrong page.

                    If anything support should be asking for a screen shot of both the page the customers is on and their IE9 settings page but again the actual page the customer is on will general tell you nothing about what is going on. You have to go look at their visit history in the admin section and sometimes you can see things there.


                    • #11
                      Not sure yet if this is preventing issues but what I have done is force our website into compatibility mode in IE9 so that it treats the page like IE8 would.

                      you can do this with a meta tag right at the top of the body tag in your frame.
                      <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE8" />


                      • #12
                        Problem is still there.
                        Some time missing state some time invalid state But it is 100% with IE.
                        Another Angry customer called today and report the problem.

                        Here is the screen shot.

                        Can any body from 3dcart now fix the problem?
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