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Packing List - truncate itemname?

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  • Packing List - truncate itemname?

    The packing list displays the product name and option by default as "[itemname]".

    My cart's products are set up so that the product option includes the price of the product (option example: small size $6.99), so the product price is displaying on packing list.

    I've commented out "[itemname]" to remove the price, but of course the entire product description does not display on the product list, only the product ID. Not a great solution.

    Is it possible to truncate the "[itemname]" so it doesn't display the price, or all characters after and including the "$" sign?

    Thanks for your feedback or any other possible solutions.

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    No, you can't have part of the information display - it's all or nothing. Sorry. :\
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting