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"Glitch" with Automatic Discounts (with Exclusions) - Beware!

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  • "Glitch" with Automatic Discounts (with Exclusions) - Beware!

    So, after about 1 1/2 months of having an automatic discount, we got an order last night where it did not go as planned.

    Discount terms: Spend $500+ on qualified merchandise and get 10% off of your order automatically*

    *Some exclusions apply from a couple of categories, so it has to be items valid for the promotion. Valid items include roughly 85-90%% of what we sell.

    So, customer last night adds $50 worth of EXCLUDED items and $450 worth of INCLUDED items. They did not spend $500 on the items valid for the promotion, but did spend $500 as an entire subtotal. So, 3D Cart gave them 10% off of $450 (a $45 discount).

    It correctly only gave the discount to the valid item, but incorrectly gave it to a valid item where only $450.00 was purchased.

    I wish that hadn't happened. I was surprised that it didn't calculate it by figuring: "Sub Total = $500....Total Dollar Amount of Valid Items Included in Auto-Discount = $ DO NOT apply discount until $500 valid item threshold is met, and then, only apply 10% discount to valid items."

    3D Cart replied to my ticket and said that while this is not the way that I hoped the automatic discount would work, it is functioning correctly as coded by 3D Cart.

    At least it's never happened before this one time (in about a month and a half), and while I'm sure it will happen again from time-to-time, I just hope it doesn't become a regular occurrence.

    Just thought anyone else in this situation should be aware. I don't think that there's a workaround for this, but if anyone has any ideas...


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    Logic reversed

    The logic on two fields on the promotions screen are reversed:

    1. Applies if Products from these Categories are in the basket:


    2. Discount Applies to Products on these Categories:

    If you only want it to apply to products from a specific category, put this category in number ONE field above, even though you would think number TWO should apply!


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      Thank you elightbox, but I'm a little unclear as to what you've referenced. I have the following:

      Promotion Offers

      Discount offered: 10 (is a percent)

      Discount Applies to Products on these Categories:

      I did NOT put anything in the Promotion Rules section (for "Applies if Products from these Categories are in the basket:").

      All I have in the PROMOTION RULES portion is:
      Requires Coupon = no
      Order Quantity: Min = 0, Max = 20000
      Order Amount ($): Min = 500, Max = 2999.99 (this is because I have another promo for 15% off of $3,000+)
      Non-Stackable = checked (yes)
      Excluded Items = none

      Is this where I've gone wrong? Should the eligible categories be in the Promotion Rules section instead of the Promotion Offers section?

      I can't remember why I put it in the Offers section to begin with, but I feel like it had to do with some stuff that I tested a month and a half ago, and tweaking it to where it worked properly (or so I thought until that order came in).

      Thanks for your help.


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        What I am saying is you should have the Valid categories in this field:
        "Applies if Products from these Categories are in the basket" in the promotion rules section instead of where you have it.

        I know where you have it makes more sense, but it does not work.


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          Disclaimer: Test all variations after making the promotion. (remember to clear the cache first)


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            Thank you, so I just tried it out your way, and it does not work properly.

            I duplicated the promotion (then disabled the original), and moved all of the eligible categories to the Promotion Rules section under "Discount Applies to Products on these Categories:"

            (NOTE: I also removed the categories from the Promotion Offers section)

            I replicated the order that was placed last night, exactly as it was put in. was PERFECT! It did NOT apply the discount. However, when I bumped-up the quantity of the eligible item to $500+, it discounted 10% off of their entire sub total (including the 2 items that are not eligible).

            I double checked that the non-eligible categories were not included in the "Products in these categories" -- they are not, but for some reason, it took the 10% off of those items as well.

            I can't figure out why it applied the discount to all of the items (when it should have only been 1 of 3 items that received the discount), but that makes me think that it's the reason I originally moved the eligible categories to that bottom portion (Promotion Offers) originally back in mid May.

            Cache was cleared every time, a practice I always do for any change to the site.




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              Ok, I don't have a clue what's going on here, but after deleting the new promotion that I did (to test your method) and reverting back to the original one that I had works as intended.

              I did not change a thing, other than disabling and then re-enabling the original promotion.

              I just replicated the order (again, using my original promotion set-up in May), and it correctly did NOT apply the discount. Bumped it up a couple of pieces to get that item over $500, and it applied the discount only to the one item that is eligible.

              I am totally lost as to why that happened, but it appears to be fixed.

              *About a couple of weeks ago, our auto-discount codes were not working correctly (they were not showing up or being applied). 3D Cart replied to my ticket that they were aware of an issue that they were having, and it was resolved later that day. I wonder if that had anything to do with this and I just needed to re-enable the promotion to get it working correctly?

              Thanks again elightbox, I appreciate your help, but somehow (no friggin' idea -- I didn't change a single setting) it now seems like it's working perfectly.

              Have a great 4th!