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    How are you handling warranties? We have drop shippers and some of them have a 1 year warranty. Do you work with the manufacturer or do you give the customer a contact number? We have both large and small drop shippers. It seems good service to interface for them, but on the other hand, I have a lot to do.

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    Hey Dave,

    Every company that I have worked with that has outside product warranty would have a warranties page with all of the company and warranty contact info. Then its all in one area and a customer doesn't have to go searching for it. That will also allow you to put your own message in regards to how you deal or don't deal with the warranties directly.

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      If you have several different warranty terms offered by several manufacturers, you could utilize one of the extra fields to create a "Warranty" tab on products as necessary. I do the same thing with products that have different return policies.
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        You can create a file in images for all warranties and create links within each listing to the folder/image. I do work for a manufacturer that has me put the link to the warranty and another to the product instruction sheet on each listing. The customer can review that info when buying, and can look it up any time.