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  • setting shipping options

    I kind of have a complicated shipping options. Can someone help me?

    For a few categories of items, shipping would be $9.99 for orders under $100. Orders over $100 would be free. However in other categories, the customer would have to call or email to get a shipping quote. Is there a way to do this? They can still check out their order but i want to be able to say "shipping fees will apply" or something to that affect.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    If you don't use weights for items, you can use that as a workaround.

    In other words, for the items that require you to call, set a weight of 100, and for all other items set a weight of 0. Then for your shipping methods select "Custom - by value" and configure it so that for values between $0.01 and $99.99, the shipping price is $9.99 and set "maximum weight" to 99. (and a second similar entry of free shipping for over $100 and weight under 99, assuming that's what you're going for)

    This will result in no valid shipping options being available for items $100 and up that are in the category.