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  • Formatting 'Print Order' Browser

    After spending a month migrating our web store over from ProStores to 3d we are almost ready to launch our new 3dcart web store.

    Unfortunately, the hold up is when we 'Print Order', first a browser page pops up with all the text & images justified to the left side of the page and then a 'Print' window pops up with the text & image formatted in a generic layout.

    Question 1): Is there some way to have the Browser invoice 'pre-formatted' in a table or something like we get in the ProStores & Ebay 'Print Order' environments?


    Question 2) Is the some way to copy/paste the 'print page' document into a blank word editable word document where the formatting can be tweaked?

    Yes, we have spent three day fiddling with the print_invoice.html trying to modify it to make it more user friendly. Unfortunately the best that we can get is everything is double-lined/spaced and the item description is squished into such a small space that the description that is one line in ProStores & Ebay is now three lines.

    Our 3d account manager says that it will take the design 4/5 days to get back to us "with a quote". and we would like to create a solution sooner so that we can get this new website up and running. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and/or comments.

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    This is an issue I was told would be resolved in mid June, but has not. We have to use a clunky work around.

    In your print area, click print view, change to 80% and you should be able to print.

    Not only is this a poor work around, but our pages are printing smaller print.

    I have been trying to be patient, but it has been 2 1/2 months now.

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      Some Progress...

      Originally posted by Pack Secure View Post
      This is an issue I was told would be resolved in mid June, but has not. We have to use a clunky work around.
      Yes, I can tell by the lack of response that this topic must be a minefield that the 3d gurus who monitor this forum are reluctant to step in. Sad.

      I realize that this may be a 'holiday' weekend for some, but for our business it is pretty much 24/7/365 and I would rather not wait 4-5 days for a 'quote'. So I spent a few hours and MS Frontpage 2003 editing the invoice_print.html template I have something that I can work with.

      The code isn't pretty and item line descriptions are even, but then I have had make do when our web store was hosted by ProStores ... so looks like its the same-ol, same-ol; just with a different name. I did upload the before and after of my results. Maybe someday we will have a professional solution for a professional product. Later, Richard.
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