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  • USPS issues

    I'm trying to find out more information on the USPS issues. We reported a problem yesterday about missing USPS shipping options, primarily First Class. It may be a bigger problem than that because today we're getting more shipping complaints about no USPS options at all. Support has confirmed there is a problem and the developers are working with USPS on it. I can't seem to get any more info. Anyone else hear anything? It's killing out orders the last few days.

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    There was an update by USPS this week which might be affecting the integration.

    We had to do an update on Endicia on Monday. They had a bug in their update which caused us to pay higher rates than we should have for the past few days. They finally caught it and made another update to fix.
    Hopefully we will be getting refunds for the over-charges.


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      I haven't heard any update since yesterday.


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        We are getting Priority Mail prices to display, but First Class is not showing for us either. Have you heard anything else about this?
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          I discovered First Class was not calculating for my store. When I went into the shipping options, First Class Package had somehow changed to First Class Letter. I set up a new First Class Package option to replace the old one and resolved the issue.

          I also found that shipping was not calculating for United Kingdom orders. Had to do a ticket on that one. Still waiting on resolution for that.


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            I'm having problems today with shipping rates calculating MUCH higher than they should be on First Class. Tried to do live chat but they must be extremely busy because I got booted out and was told by question would be reviewed by support :-( Just lost a sale because of a $30 charge calculating for medium flat rate box inside the continental US. Anyone else having problems with shipping rates calculating today?