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PayPal password changing on it's own?

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  • PayPal password changing on it's own?

    I had a customer call yesterday, stating that she couldn't place an order. Seems that when she clicked on the credit card button, a popup stated that the card couldn't be processed at that time--it wouldn't even give her the fields to input her card info. I tested it myself, same issue.

    After round and round with both paypal and 3dcart, I re-entered my password in the 3dcart end, and it worked again--don't know if that was a coincidence or if it actually fixed the problem. My question, has anyone had their paypal password change out of the blue, or had this scenario? I have not even opened the payment page in admin in months, so it wasn't something I did. This is very disturbing to me--how many other customers got the same message and didn't bother to call?

    Paypal is working fine on my Etsy store, and I'm able to manually use it without a problem, but this was the case with BOTH of my 3dcart stores. Can't get a straight answer from anyone.
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    I think you are confusing things.

    You never enter the PayPal password on 3dcart, period.
    You only enter the PayPal password on PayPal.

    I can also guarantee you that your PayPal password did not change on its own.

    Also, what credit card button are you referring to? Do you mean the Checkout button, or the Finalize order button? There is NO "credit card" button on 3dcart.

    Also, I am not sure which popup your are referring to, as 3dcart does not utilize popup alerts, only error pages.

    Providing images would be helpful in diagnosing this.
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      I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't clear.

      The password that I was referring to was the one you see in settings > payments > online methods. However, I think it was just a coincidence that the site started working when I re-entered the password.

      When the customer clicked the checkout button, they would be taken to the 1-page checkout and enter their billing/shipping info. When they proceeded to click on the radio button to pay with a credit card or paypal, a pop up box would say, "Your credit card cannot be processed at this time". The fields never even showed up for them to enter a card number, so it couldn't have been a Paypal issue. I spoke to Paypal and they didn't receive anything--no error, no failure, nothing.

      It failed on me once again this morning, but after refreshing the screen it worked again. This is just really confusing to everyone involved. Of course Paypal says its the cart, 3dcart says its Paypal, and I'm stuck in the middle. I can say other than their initial response tech support has been very helpful. They have reset some things on the back end so hopefully that resolved whatever this was. I was just wondering if anyone else was having this issue.
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        I assume you are talking about your PayPal API key, not your PayPal password. They are similar, but quite distinct things. It is possible that PayPal expired your API key or something along those lines.

        You also don't mention which of PayPal's many services you are using. Pro, Express, etc.


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          Thank you for the details.
          I do not use Single Page, or PayPal payment advanced. So the below thoughts are just conjecture.

          I assume you have PayPal Payments Advanced, since it is the one that has "password" on the back end.
          PayPal Payment advanced utilizes the popup for customers to enter their card info. so since the popup opens up and you get a message, that message would most likely be from PayPal and not from 3dcart.

          Here are some thoughts:
          • Try reverting your template to the common template if it is customized.
          • Change your password with PayPal and do not use special characters if you can