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No promo code on multi-checkout?

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  • No promo code on multi-checkout?

    Maybe I am missing something here, but we just moved from single checkout to multi checkout..... On the multi checkout pages, I dont see anywhere to put coupon/promo codes.

    Can anyone assist me on how I can add this? Thank you again for all your help over the past few weeks.

    Thank you,

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    we explored this option as well, only to find that our customers were likely to go looking for promo codes when prompted within checkout, resulting in abandoned carts - by default they need to enter them in on view_cart or not at all

    if you want this put in, pm me, i'll try and go over it with you. I had it working at one point.. it IS possible


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      At what step did you add the promo code? The problem with the standard setup is customers don't know where to enter the code and abandon the cart or email after the order is placed to get an adjustment.


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        the coupon code runs off of a form just like anything else. re-adding the form to the desired area, a few tweaks, and a couple of caffeinated beverages later - you're in business.

        note: the form cant be nested within the billing form, so if you want it somewhere central in the page.. you most likely have to go css layout and do some serious position manipulation.