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  • Google feed requirements

    Google is asking more and more information on their google feeds. Other than using the extra fields, what other options do we have?

    I need a way to add colors, sizes, gender, age group, google categories etc... any one have suggestions?


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    Google Base feed Problems

    Problem with the Google Base feed is as follows:

    3d Cart should have separate fields that agree with Google Data Feed requirements. Especially since they are in the process of Automating this feed according to the top approved suggestion.

    Since you don't directly have fileds assign to UPC, ISBN, google_product_category, etc. you allow to customize the extra_field_1 - 10 to cover this area. We then have to block them from appearing in the product pages on the website.

    Google has Disapproved one of my products because of wrong UPC code and info. The problem showed up when I changed the UPC code for this product, saved it and manually uploaded my Data Feed to them. It did not change at Google or when I check your Generate Feed file before saving. It still had the same old UPC code. To test this I went to Settings and used a new File Name: and then did another Generate Feed. This time the updated UPC code did change and was present in Google. This proved that your Generate Feed does not update the extra_fields with changed info but once generated never changes.

    This forces a new name at Settings / File Name: Newname.txt each time before I Generate Feed to send to Google and then renamed again on my hard drive to agree with the file name ex.- google3d.txt that is present on Google and they are looking for.

    This can be corrected by just adding the standard required Google fields present in 3dcarts Build Export Sets and not rely on this messy extra_fields work around for the must have Google fields and aliases.

    So, to answer your question, I believe the extra_fields are the only way to enter this info for now. That is until 3dcart fixes this ongoing problem with dedicated Google fields which I believe has to be done anyway so it can be automated.
    Patriot Al