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Anyone using Propay? Is it down for you in 3Dcart?

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  • Anyone using Propay? Is it down for you in 3Dcart?

    Had a customer who couldn't check out and I couldn't get the card to process on the virtual terminal in 3dcart. I was able to process the card directly on Propays site.

    Thanks Dana

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    There's a propay virtual terminal on 3dc? I use propay, I have one abandoned cart and a voicemail about payment couldn't be made. Customer didn't get specific about any errors received and I looked at the order and see or errors on checkout. I'm confused now


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      There is a virtual terminal within 3dcart that you can use to enter customer payments over the phone etc. Its within the invoice details screen. Press the actions button and its 4th down on the left of that popdown menu. It would work with whatever company you have doing your cc payments (in my case its Propay). I do refunds or credits on the propay site directly though.

      I put in a ticket today. Me thinks there is a problem with 3dcart and Propay and you might have the same issue. They are def. working on it though since Ive seen them put in 4 test orders on my site so far.



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        Well poop....its still not working. =(


        • #5
          Yeah I just tried and it's not working either. Guess maybe I should open a ticket as well...


          • #6
            Still not fixed today. Two more orders who couldn't check out.


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              I wonder what happened? If maybe propay changed something? I'll contact them and make an inquiry and open a ticket here as well. This is odd.

              UPDATE: I was just able to process an order on my website using propay as my payment method.

              Order Completed
              Your invoice #AB-****

              An email receipt including the details about your order has been sent to the email address provided. Please keep it for your records.

              Maybe something on your end? I know my site was down for 30 minutes today. Wouldn't process yesterday but I was able to place the order just now
              Last edited by Toobusy; 11-09-2014, 11:11 AM.


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                Tech support has been able to replicate the error on their side and said its an issue with their server not talking to Propays. As of a few hours ago the tech team says:

                "Initial testing shows that we are able to get to Propay from the server (the error being returned by the module is that Propay isn't accessible). We're still checking into the issue but I wanted to let you know that at this time we haven't found the problem but we're still looking."

                I'm hoping it gets fixed today. I just turned off card payments for the moment and sent some customers an apology e-mail. Saved one order that way.



                • #9
                  OK then why was I able to check out using propay on my own account? If it's an issue with servers talking to each other why were they communicating when I did my test order? I'm so confused on this stuff. Maybe your store and my store are not on the same server with 3dc?


                  • #10
                    I can check out on Propays website if I manually process there. Its just not working with 3dcart (both the virtual terminal and the checkout). Just checked again and its still down.



                    • #11
                      I checked out completely on my store on a web type order as if I was a customer. First time I tried I wasn't able to, but then I was able to process an order and have it go through flawlessly, which I posted the update on. I'm just not sure why my store would be different than yours if we both use propay. Hopefully tech support can sort it out for you. I know sometimes it feels like it takes a lifetime to get an issue resolved though. Still having issues with other aspects of my site that have suddenly cropped up that I never had problems with before.


                      • #12
                        Tech support fixed it this morning. They said it required "some high end changes and also intensively test them to make sure it was working but not insecure". So I think I should be gtg. Going to run some tests today to be sure.