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Anyone Use ShipWorks?

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  • Anyone Use ShipWorks?

    Once you creat a shipment it updates the order online with the tracking number and marks it shipped.

    Question is does it also notify the customer?

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    It depends on how you have it configured.

    You can make ShipWorks send an email from ShipWorks itself.

    Or you can set 3dCart to automatically send emails when orders become marked as Shipped. Then 3DCart takes care of the notification. This is what I do.


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      Do you ever have issues wit hthe label printing once you process shipment in shipworks? IT worked last year but this year i got a new printer and it doesnt do anything, i have to right click on the order then go to labels and then print. Not sure what the deal is but it adds extra steps that arent needed


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        You need to setup actions to print and change the order status. If you give SW a call they can do this for you remotely, very quickly....

        I use SW with 2 3dcart stores.

        Best thing to do is BCC yourself on the mails sent by 3dc and you can see what your customers are getting.

        Hope that helps ya.