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I'm starting my own line of products, do I have to use UPC codes?

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  • I'm starting my own line of products, do I have to use UPC codes?

    I am starting my own line of products to be sold through small boutiques and online though Amazon and Ebay. I was looking into UPC coding and buying UPC's is really expensive. Are UPCs really necessary? I, as a retailer, sell many products with no UPCs but I do not really keep inventory. Would it be impossible for retailers to keep inventory if there are no UPCs? Has anyone ever purchased UPC codes from places like Ebay? They are so so much cheaper there. Any info would be great!

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    Likely depends on your product and buyers. We make some of our products and don't have UPC codes but only sell them direct to customers. Though some do some of our suppliers do not have UPC codes on their products either and sell wholesale. Just my opinion but if your buyers want them they will ask since they would have already decided to buy. Then you can determine if it's beneficial.
    Just an opinion


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      Amazon requires UPC codes unless you have your own brand and obtain a waiver from them through Amazon's brand registry.

      Dear seller,
      Last year, Amazon stopped granting UPC exemptions in the Apparel, Shoes, Handbags, Sunglasses, and Luggage categories. Effective July 14, 2014, sellers who have had blanket exemptions that have allowed them to list without UPCs in all these categories will no longer be able to do so. By doing this, we will be able to better match identical products, eliminate duplicate listings, and improve the quality of our catalog.

      You are receiving this email because our records indicate that you have a blanket UPC exemption. Effective July 14, 2014, you will no longer be able to use this exemption to list products on our UPC required list in Apparel, Shoes, Handbags, Sunglasses and Luggage.

      Here is what you need to do to make sure you can continue to list your products:

      Actions Required:
      1. By July 14, 2014, you must add UPCs to your listings. After this point, you will not be able to create listings without UPC codes. If you have questions about how to add UPCs to your listings, please search for ‘Adding UPCs for your Products’ in Seller Central Help.

      2. If you are a manufacturer or brand owner and your products do not have UPC codes, you must enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry in order to continue listing products without UPCs. For more information, please search for ‘Amazon Brand Registry’ in Seller Central Help.

      Thank you for helping us enhance the customer experience on
      You can buy 1000 barcodes on ebay for about $15

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