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Problems with Prev/Next on Product Pages

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  • Problems with Prev/Next on Product Pages

    Has anyone experienced intermittent disappearance and reappearance of the Prev/Next links on product pages? It's very random - sometimes it will be there on a product, and then you'll go back and it won't show. Or vice versa, it won't show on a product page, then you might go back later and suddenly it does show.

    I know 3dCart had (probably still has) a bug where if you have a product as a Home or Category special you would not be able to use Prev/Next, but this doesn't seem to be it (since we are testing on products that are not Home or Category specials).

    Products that we were navigating through by using the prev/next links earlier in the day, no longer have them.

    In Settings, the box was correctly un-checked to "hide" prev/next. To be sure, we checked the box - cleared the cache, then UNchecked the box and cleared the cache, and magically the prev/next was showing again. Then we tried a different computer, different browser, and they're gone again.

    Our web dude is looking into it too but I figured maybe others have dealt with it already and can provide some insight.


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    Really? No one else's prev/next links disappear seemingly randomly?


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      I could never get mine working properly. I've seen other 3d sites where it works beautifully. I check their template, and it's coded the same way as mine. Gave up a long time ago.
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        As far as I can tell. it may be dependent on what server your site is on. This also plays true with the slide out menu script used on some html5. Will work perfectly on one site and then not on another with the exact same code/config.

        JustPoppin = The test site seems to be working correctly with the categories, but the live site of course is not.
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