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Another Promo That *Should* Be Easy. Help?

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  • Another Promo That *Should* Be Easy. Help?

    I'm trying to do the following with a promo code:

    1. Customer should be able to add anything they want to the cart.

    2. If they add item X and they put in the code, they will get item X for free (not ANOTHER one of item X, just that one they put in the cart).

    This does not seem possible. Trying to limit the discount to just a certain number of units of X causes the cart/promo to break when customer adds more than that number or adds anything else to the cart.

    In fact, what we REALLY want to be able to do is an extension of rule 2 above - Let the person put up to 3 units of item X in the cart and they will get them free (without limiting what ELSE they want to put into the cart).

    I had even thought of just doing 3 stackable coupons for 1 each of item X which would be fine, but since I can't get it to work for 1 unit, it won't work for 3!

    The errors I'm getting seem to be of two types - either an actual promo code error saying the wrong amount of stuff is in the cart and the promo won't work so it's not added and the discount doesn't happen. OR, it discounts everything in the cart to free. OR, it discounts all units of item X, no matter how many, to free.

    Any ideas? Please post the specific 3dcart settings.

    I'm finally posting this after 55 minutes in chat with tech support running their own permutations and not coming up with an answer.

    I'd love to know why this is so hard to do.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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    We just discussed this on PM. I wanted to write back to respond to your follow up questions, but your PM inbox is full.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting