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  • Amazon and Etsy Transactions

    We are newbies to 3dcart and are trying to rapidly get up to speed. We have a need that is beyond the current functionality of 3dcart and we are hoping someone in the user community knows a suitable work-around.

    We currently have a store on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon - plus our new 3dcart store. The eBay integration manages our inventory and financial reporting needs when an item sells on eBay. The challenge is that we would like to record an Amazon or Etsy sale as a transaction in 3dcart. We know the inventory can be manually updated; however, 3dcart would show that as a deleted inventory item - not a transaction.

    Is there a work-around to record our Amazon and Etsy sales as off-line transactions and be included in sales, inventory, and financial reports?


    Greg and Linda

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    I am so happy to see this post.

    I have to admit that it causes me great concern to see that 3d is trying to be all things to all people when half of their features are half baked. They are putting precious time / resources into features that other companies are much more specialized in / moving faster on.

    Why not try to be a lot of things to a lot of people, and have your features work for sellers instead of creating the never ending search for workarounds. I see these very same things happening for sellers on BC, Shopify, other platforms. 3d is a shopping cart, so make it the best shopping cart ever. Refine / update / simplify the control panel / back end (which I know they are doing), tighten up / modernize your integrations (ahem, Quickbooks), advance your SEO capabilities, make your blog more robust, address the same complaints / issues that have been popping up for the years I have been with you, and heck.. even update the 3dCart website! Who says things like 'the whole enchilada' anymore? It is time for 3d to move forward.

    That said, I am looking at software solutions that specialize in the listing / inventory / purchase order / order management space, because each marketplace is so complex in their listing requirements / management that I don't believe 3dCart will ever be able to focus on / create software that will work the way that I need them to. I would like 3d to focus on getting their core competencies working well so that my store functions in a way that doesn't cause me extra time / energy / worry, and I will pay a little extra $$ to make sure my integrations with eBay / Amazon / Rakuten / Sears / Bonanza / etc do the same - I know this will give me a far greater return.

    Ok.. that is my $0.02.. $0.01 after paying taxes. Back to work!