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  • Shipworks Alternative

    With Shipworks ending their relationship with Endicia on March 31st, I am now looking for an alternative.

    Looking for input for other order manager programs.

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    I use ShippingEasy and I love it. No problems so far and the few I had on set up were answered quickly and efficiently through chat. I had no problems integrating 3dc, it'll also pull any paypal payments through and generate labels for them. It prints my UPS, FedEx and USPS labels


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      We moved over to shipping easy as well. It was more cost effective then shipworks because their subscription service covers the endicia fee, so you don't have to have your own account.

      $30 a month covers our two stores (amazon and 3dcart) and the endicia account. They also have cheaper postage then shipworks, as they have worked out bulk discounts with endicia.


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        Do they save weights like SW?
        can you modify invoices, packing slips?
        APO/FPO on 4x6 thermal
        domestic FC to PR on 4x6 thermal
        4x6thermal with integrated customs for int?

        How long will it save history....


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          Not clear if this is desktop like SW or in the cloud ?


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            It prints the thermal labels, you can customize, add logo, etc. to your packing slips/invoices, it imports your orders from 3dc, paypal, etc. so your orders are on your dashboard, my history so far is still there and it's been about 6 months for me. Head to their website and check it out, talk to someone on chat or have them call you. EXCELLENT people to do business with


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              The other main alternative I'm aware of is ShipStation. It's similar to ShipWorks, but lives in the cloud.