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Use of Database Feeds in Your 3dcart Store?

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  • Use of Database Feeds in Your 3dcart Store?

    The 3dcart KB states: "The "Database Feeds" is a helpful tool that allows you to add FAQs, News, Articles, Press Releases, Testimonials, etc. into your site."

    If you're using this tool, can you post regarding how you're using it, pros/cons, etc?

    I remember years ago going down a path where we were going to use it but there were problems with searchability, not being in the sitemap, poor SEO, etc. I don't know if any of those issues have been corrected or if the tool has been improved.

    We're looking at redoing our FAQ and "terms" pages and are wondering if we should again be looking at the database feeds.

    Thanks in advance for any comments.