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Counting Quantity and adjusting price?

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  • Counting Quantity and adjusting price?

    We have a custom made product that we charge by the character...

    E.G. if you want text saying "Hello" that is a quantity of 5.

    The current method with the customer counting is about 50% successful.

    Does anyone know of a script/app/etc that I could put on this product listing to make it set the quantity automatically? Or another way to organize the listing?



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    Yea, I've been stuck on that feature too. The only other way (long and cumbersome way) is creating each individual "inch" an option and adding quantity choices for each size.

    So you would create a 1" inch option and make drop down options like 1 character +$0.55, 2 characters +$1.10, 3 characters +$1.65, etc.... Not sure the common length of text/numbers your orders are but maybe that'll work for you as well. If you get orders that are commonly 15 characters long, then you'll have to create 15 choices for the 11 size options.

    I was testing it a bit on my site. You can check out a test product I created on what it can look like but I'll warn ya, you'll have a lot of options, 11 just for the "inch" sizes, then the text, color, font.
    Product might not be there too much longer, so hopefully you see it before it goes down.

    Good luck and love the site!