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Expand promotion options to include multiple levels

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  • Expand promotion options to include multiple levels

    There was a request in the Uservoice forum to allow for promotions that had multiple levels without using more than one coupon code to get them. We voted for it, because it is something we used to have on previous shopping carts but a functionality we lost when coming to 3dCart. The request was:

    Expand promotion options to include multiple levels

    We would like to see a feature added to 3Dcart in promotions where there are multiple levels and discounts for the same coupon number. For example $10.00 off a purchase of $40.00 or more, $20.00 off a order of $75.00 or more. Right now we have to have two separate coupon codes for the promotion. We would like to just use one coupon code. This will make it easier for the customer.

    It was declined with the following response:

    Gonzalo Gil (CEO, 3dcart Shopping Cart Software) responded ยท Oct 22, 2010
    We considered this request but current the use of percentages instead of flat dollar amounts allow to work around this scenario.

    Our question is - has anyone got this to work using percentages like he has suggested? I've been trying to figure out how to configure a promo that will do this and can't. We'd love to know how -- so since we can't do $$ - then like:

    spend $10 get 5% off, spend $20 get 10% off..etc and issue -1- coupon code.

    Right now, in order to do this, you can only do one level at a time and each requires a new promo set up for it.

    So, anybody? Instructions would be wonderful!


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    Ok, so I since I couldn't get an answer to the question, I opened a ticket. Here is the response:

    You cannot do exactly what you wanted to do (i.e. it is not a 'tiered' system like you want). Gonzalo was presenting you a workaround that would work *similarly* to what you want. Making the discount amount offered a percentage instead of a flat dollar amount would be similar to increasing the dollar amount offered at different order totals, since it is a percentage of the order subtotal. It is not exactly the same, but is a close approximation to what you asked for.

    So, it doesn't do at all what we need it to do. I am very disappointed that so many of us voted for this and we were turned down because it can do something "similar" but not at all what we need.

    The promo engine for 3d Cart is very behind the times. We gave up a lot of functionality that even the most basic cart system had, when we moved to 3d Cart. Big Commerce, CoreCommerce and Volusion all have much more advanced promos and it is disappointing they can't do the same here. It leaves us without the competitive ability we need in the marketplace.

    So, just FYI, if you were wanting to do tiered promos, no go.