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  • Advanced Cache Question

    I was reading that with the Advanced Page Cache, the Categories are cached to save time.

    The categories in my store are variable based on customer group, so I can't have the cache on, as the category list the user sees when they first visit the site will not change once they have logged in.

    I have disabled the Advanced Page Cache, but it seems the Categories are still caching. When I log in as a user in a specific customer group, the categories I should be seeing are not there. If I clear the cache and refresh the page, they show up. Then, when I log out they are still there. I clear the cache and refresh, and they go away.

    Am I missing another setting somewhere, or did I go about setting up my customer groups the wrong way?

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    Check if the problem is in your web browser cache. Open an incognito/anonymous window if you are using Firefox/Chrome, or just clear the cache.


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      I've had a lot of browser cache issues lately myself--thought it was problems with my site, when in fact it was just me!


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        Same here. It was me. Thanks for the help!