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possible to edit the Feature_Menu?

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  • possible to edit the Feature_Menu?

    I'm effectively using the home featured field at the product level to show certain items on the home page.

    However, i'd like to edit the layout. For example, on the home page I just want to show the product image with its hyperlink. NOT the add to cart button, product name/description, reviews, etc...; also, it seems to use the thumbnail of the image rather than the full-sized image.

    All of this can be managed via HTML. What' i'm looking to do is make this manageable for the luddites that operate the store. toggling "home special" at the product level is much preferred than editing a chunk of code in this case.

    any help appreciated.

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    Well, you do have to edit the HTML, but it is just a one time thing. Once you have the HTML of the home.html template displaying the featured items the way you want them, any time someone clicks "Home featured" on a product it will display in that new format. Make sense?


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      thanks. i was just in the wrong template :doh