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another Canada post real time shipping question

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  • another Canada post real time shipping question

    ok, so i can now connect to the canada post servers with my ID # however I"m not sure how CP is pulling the information to make its calculations. I sell aquatic plants online. Up until now I basically ship an order in a UPS like bubble evelope roughly 36cm x25cm by 4cm high, so I setup a box on the CP site with the same dimensions. When I go to test it, it doesn't seem to matter what I put in for weight, length, width or depth on the product settings, CP makes its calculations based on how many items I have in teh I missing a setting here?

    basically, I gather all my plants together, put them into zip lock bags, flatten them out and then put them into the bubble wrap evelope. I can get about $100 worth in a bag. Does someone know what I need to put in on the 3dcart or CP side to make this work?