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  • Paypal altering address

    Hi there

    Having a bit of confusion with customers using paypal payment option.

    If their address is different on paypal to what they have entered on my checkout then the paypal address overides the info they have previously entered on my checkout.

    Is there a way of stopping this from happening?



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    No there is no way to fix that.
    It is a problem that is confusing to customers, and also becomes an issue if the customer is sending a gift and paying with PayPal because both the billing and the shipping show up as the recipients


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      Any updates on this issue?

      I can't see a way to fix this through the template. 3dcart needs to fix it. Shouldn't be too bad a fix for 3d. They just need to only update the shipping information and grey out the billing info that doesn't get transmitted back to paypal. The shipping info doesn't get transmitted back to paypal either for that matter. It's not a very good paypal express implementation in my opinion and could use a full overhall.

      I am going to put in a ticket.


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        When using paypal express, the customer picks a shipping address during the paypal checkout. Part of the paypal certification process is ensuring that the selection the customer made is brought into the shopping cart, so, this is not something that can be "fixed" as it works the way paypal wants it to work.

        I am guessing this is in part a way for Paypal to help with preventing fraud.
        Gonzalo Gil
        3dCart Support
        800-828-6650 x111


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          GonzaloGil, thanks for chiming in. Yes PayPal has a requirement to only ship to the shipping address provided by PayPal. Shipping to any other address invalidates any PayPal guarantees. The customer needs to change the shipping address on PayPal.

          However, the Billing Address is a different matter. If a customer is sending a gift, we should be able to know who is the sender, which will be different from the shipping name and address.
          If a customer is logged in to their account, the data coming back from PayPal should not overwrite the billing information.

          We decide whether to send a Packing List or an Invoice with the order based on whether the Billing and Shipping Addresses match or not. The way 3dcart PayPal setup is now, both of these variables are always the same causing issues with gift recipients getting invoices in their shipments >> Unhappy customers..


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            I can understand it using paypal express on the basket page as it reduces customers need tofill in the checkout. But if they go to checkout,enter all details,then decide to pay by paypal this is where there is an issue as it may change what they have just inputted.

            Can we take the paypal option off the checkout page but leave it on the basket page?


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              I think PayPal requires it there too.

              However, there should be some way to alert the customer that the address they allready entered is no longer valid and will be over-written by the address coming back from PayPal. We edited the Checkout_4 page and put some notes above the PayPal button, but they still get missed.
              GonzaloGil: Part of the paypal certification process is ensuring that the selection the customer made is brought into the shopping cart,
              If the above is true, then there is a bug in the implementation
              If you select PayPal, and then click Edit Cart from Checkout_2, or Checkout_3, the system will let the customer put in a new shipping address on Checkout_2 and will finalize the order with the new address contrary to PayPal rules.
              I contacted support, and I got the standard, "that is the way it was designed. It is not a bug"
              Can't have it both ways. Either the address can be changed or it cannot!


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                I was watching a cart yesterday - the person went to paypal to pay and at that time there was a different billing and shipping address, it came back from paypal and now both were the same, then the person changed the address back to the correct ones she had intended.... I use one page checkout but this was definitely possible to do - I watched the changes. However, I do get customers at least now and then who mean to have it shipped elsewhere and do not notice when paypal changes it. I have a message in red on the checkout page telling them to be SURE they enter the shipping address in Paypal if they use that to pay but they many never read messages....
                Pat Cotter

                The Preemie Store


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                  Paypal altering shipping address - agreed upon fix?

                  I have had my cart up for years, but am seeing this as a problem just now. It can only mean that either paypal changed how they behave, or that for some reason, customer behavior of using paypal to send gifts has become much more popular. It caused us no issues for 4 years, and now 3 customer service problems on this issue in the last two weeks.

                  Can we get a 3dcart person to chime in one more time with the most current "best practices" way to handle the fact that paypal overwrites what it shouldn't?

                  It does not make sense for each of us vendors to re-invent 2000 different ways of handling this.