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Loss of Sales from "Duplicate Transactions"

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  • Loss of Sales from "Duplicate Transactions"

    We lose sales every day from duplicate transactions -- where the customer clicks "check out" more than once before the first processes. Is there any implementation to just ignore the 2nd+ clicks on the checkout button while it's processing? We've tried putting "DON'T CLICK MORE THAN ONCE" right next to the checkout button, but it still continues.

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    This would be possible to implement with javascript (make the first click disable the button). I don't know the code involved off the top of my head, though.


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      It may also be possible that your server is not reacting quick enough... indicating possibly too much load (high traffic for the server specs) or that it simply cannot react quick enough. I don't think we have this issue (or at least I have never heard this complaint from our customer service dept). I believe once someone clicks the button on our site, it takes them to a "processing" page until it is either charged/accepted or declined...

      If you are loosing a lot of revenue from this, perhaps it is cheaper to try to upgrade your plan to a faster server? I would try contacting 3dCart support (on the phone or send an email) and see if they can check out the issue. They will be able to see server load, etc and make recommendations.

      I have found that emailing them or submitting a ticket with a very clear explanation of what is happening (and any supporting evidence such as screenshots, etc) is best. It gives their support staff time to troubleshoot the issue properly and respond once they have all the information - as opposed to needing to get an answer while you are on the phone/chat (which may not be the bigger picture solution).

      Good luck!


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        We rarely ever see this problem. I think the advice from Alupis might be a place to start your investigation. Did you ask 3dcart?


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          Ref: CPR Saver Loss of Sales from "Duplicate Transactions"

          Hi CPR Saver,

          I'm sorry to hear that you're having so many problems with duplicate transactions and lost of sales. I'm going to have one of my Technical Support Reps email and see what if we can get this issue corrected for you as quickly as possible. Can you please private message me the email address that you can be reached at. Thank you for your time.

          Fernando- CCO


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            Just out of curiosity, do you use If so I might have some insight for you.


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              Originally posted by Ruppy View Post
              Just out of curiosity, do you use If so I might have some insight for you.
              I use & do see this periodically as well. I'm curious as to what insight you may have. Thanks!