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  • Editing the Waitlist

    I hope this is the right place for this thread. It's more "advanced" configuration than it is "general."

    I'm currently working on changing the waitlist button to take down information for our company's CRM database which will allow us to easily distribute and keep-up with leads. I'll post my results here for the benfit of the 3dCart community if anyone is interested. Also, to see if there's anyone out there who's done something similar. I did a search and only found one post on the waitlist feature (that I wrote).

    The Problem:
    When people add themselves to the waitlist, an email notification is sent to an individual at the company. Specifically, my boss who paid for 3dCart. He does not always deal with waitlist customers, so it's a hassle for him to recieve all waitlist emails. Also, email is a tedious way to keep up with waitlist requests. It would be nice to be able to have a database of waitlist customers that can be searched by when they added themselves to a waitlist for an item, can be filtered by the specific item they're looking for, and will allow me to easily import a waitlist lead to a customer list.

    My Current Knowledge:
    I know that my CRM database will allow me to create a form that I can customize with html and css that will gather all the data I need. I was able to export a list of items on 3dCart and import them into my CRM, so I know that items will match up easily. I've put a "Price Match" button on the product pages that does the same thing I want the "Waitlist" button to be able to do. However, a "Price Match" button can apply to all items whether they are in-stock or not, but a "Waitlist" for an item shown as in-stock will confuse customers. Instead of adding my own code to the listing page (how I put a "price match" button on each page), I need to target the waitlist functionality specifically as it already has a way to tell whether the item is in stock or not. Once I figure that out, I should be able to change the "Price Match" button to only appear on items that are in stock, but lets not jump ahead.

    I'll post here regarding my findings in this endeavor, and how I did it if I'm successful.
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