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Importing and MS Access

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  • Importing and MS Access

    3dCart exports files (no choice) as a .csv file.

    For the products and category files, MS Access pulls a fit with the html I am using when I import the files as a text file.

    I can use open office spreadsheet to change the format, but Access does not like any format I have tried with the html I have.

    I have 2000 products and I hate the idea of doing a bunch of manual updates. I am trying to update the description field.

    Suggestions Appreciated!

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    I'm not sure I understand the question. Do you mean the description field when exported in the CSV contains characters that messes up access on re-import? Sounds like a simple matter of escaping thoroughly.


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      For the category table Html in the Description field seems to cause challenges when being imported into MS Access (it splits it into different fields, and does not recognize it as just one field). I can open up the file fine using Open Office Calc.


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        Almost certainly an escaping issue. Maybe double quotation marks?


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          I think so, I have to test it.

          My guess:

          1. Export table categories from 3dCart. No choice on formats.
          2. Open using Open Office
          3. Save As, and get " as text delimiter
          4. Import into Access Category Table
          5. Import into Access Table from other shopping cart with short description
          6. Run query to update category table from 3dcart for labeled description field (actually the short description).
          7. Export table as csv
          8. Check headers and make sure in right format
          9. Import into 3dcart category id and changed fields - I hope I don't have to import the entire table, like has to be done with the customer table.

          Originally posted by cbsteven View Post
          Almost certainly an escaping issue. Maybe double quotation marks?