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Problem with QTY Option & Advanced Options

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  • Problem with QTY Option & Advanced Options

    I'm normally as big of a 3dcart champion as there is, but we have run into a snag with one of our stores that seems more like a bug and thought I would see if anyone else had found a workaround.

    Basically, we are selling items that have a single attribute (could be size, color, whatever). When our customers check out, they usually buy across that attribute--e.g., 20 mediums, 40 larges, 10 XL, etc in one order. As a result, we use the QTY option for that attribute so that they can add to cart once per item rather than having to cycle through several times.

    However, it turns out that you can not have Advanced Options (and therefore cannot track inventory) for an attribute with a QTY option (and supposedly for radio button options, too, per tech support). I think that is a huge flaw and don't understand the logic at all. Tech support says that a QTY field can have infinite input values, but that's on the customer side of things. I have a defined number of attributes (six sizes, three colors, etc.) and would think that the database can track stock across those attributes. If someone puts a 6 in the medium box, then it should deduct from the stock for that attribute no different than if the customer put 6 in the quantity box next to the add to cart button.

    Has anyone encountered this issue and/or developed a workaround? We'd consider spending $ on a fix if necessary.


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    I have struggled with options too and after a year I am just starting to understand it.

    I am making a leap, but based on they way they work, the checkbox and the quantity options were designed to be used with add-on products as opposed to item configuration itself.

    If I have an electronic item, I may have a regular option (radio, dropdown image) to select configurable parameters. Size color, etc. When I turn on advanced options I see Item - Small - Red, Item - Small - blue, Item - Large - Red, etc. I can set and track the inventory, costs, etc for the expanded items. This is the standard behavior you have seen.

    With checkbox and / or qty options, I can specify addon products. I have an option to select one or more types of battery chargers. I would use the checkbox to only allow them to order one charger. I would define the "select" parameter for each checkbox option to pull the right charger from inventory.

    I can use the qty option for the batteries. I would use this instead of the checkbox when I want to allow them to add as many batteries as they want for the device.

    Neither the checkbox or the qty options defined are reflected in the advanced options. This makes sense as I would not want a separate product defined for all of my size / color combinations with and without a charger. Really, the documentation for checkbox and the qty option types should be expanded because they truly behave differently than the other types and as I said earlier, really seem to be intended to allow optional add on products as opposed to standard product configuration.