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editing completed orders

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  • editing completed orders

    Is there a way to adjust orders once they are completed? I can adjust the quantity but is there a way to substitute or add another product to a completed order? I can't see how but it seems like an obvious thing you should be able to do..maybe I'm missing something?

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    Give this a shot:
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      One thing to add which it looks like that guide doesn't mention:

      The "add item" link will not appear unless the order status is "new". So you'll need to change the status if something is "Processing" or whatever, before adding the item.


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        thats what the issue is,, it needs to be "new"..thanks!..


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          Well that was only helpful up till the point where I was supposed to see the "Customize" button. It doesn't show up for me. I use Category Options instead of product options (I have nearly 70 identical options per product, so I used the Category options to reduce the amount of data entry was required to set up my products) and so apparently this does not work if I use Category Options. I am unable to change the order to a different option for the same product per the customer's request. Any idea how to get around this issue?