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  • Another Options Question

    I use the checkbox product options to allow users to add batteries and battery chargers (at a discount) to the devices I sell. I have it set up to "select" these add on products from the database. It works great and it drives a lot of add-on sales that I believe I would be missing otherwise.

    I would love to have an options template that I could push out to all of the products that have the add-ons. This would make life so much easier when I have a price change, add an option or run a promotion.

    I tried this and unfortunately, the options template does not support the select function. So if I push out the new prices using the template, I blow away my "selects". Having to redo the selects on every product takes longer than manually applying the options changes.

    Has anyone found a way around this one or do I just need to make an enhancement request. Being able to push this template to all of my products would save me a whole lot of time each week.

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    To my knowledge there is no way around it. I use similar options in two of the stores I maintain and have encountered the same thing. Ive tried everything imaginable and it seems to be a limitation of the custom item select feature