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  • Retroactive item costs

    So, like a ding dong, I never added costs into my listings. Guess I never really thought I would sell enough to get noticed or anything. Either way, I now need to calculate cost of the things I sold for tax purposes and have since added a cost to EVERY item listing I have (which are static and will be the same listings already sold). When I look at the reports though, it is still showing the non-existant cost under the profit report. The inventory report though is showing the proper costs.

    So my general question is, is there a way to update the old sales with the costs or am I boned?

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    You will just have to use something other than 3DCart's reports to calculate this for you. Like Excel.

    If you are decent with spreadsheets, it should be pretty simple to import a list of your orders into Excel, and then cross-reference that with a sheet of item costs.