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  • Free shipping advanced question

    We would like to offer free shipping on the products we manufacture and sell which are a total of 6 items. We have about another 25 items for sale on our cart but do not want them to receive free shipping. Further, we have wholesale accounts that order through our cart using the different pricing levels than retail.

    The issue with using a free shipping promotion is that it applies to all of the items in the cart not just ours and I have confirmed we cannot limit the items that receive free shipping through the promotion manager. At least with this method I can limit the free shipping to retail only and not wholesale.

    If we use the free shipping check box at the product level then even wholesalers will receive free shipping and the margins will not support free shipping on those orders.

    Are there any ways I can get this set up on 3DC with these requirements that I am missing? Any ideas are appreciated.


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    I guess you could make duplicates of the products for wholesalers only.
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      Not the cleanest solution but actually a feasible solution. Thanks for posting.

      Any other great ideas out there?