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Paypal changing shipping totals upon final checkout

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  • Paypal changing shipping totals upon final checkout

    A customer has just brought this to my attention he selects a shipping of ups ground $21 however when directed to the paypal checkout he is being charged the usps rate which is like $45 i have looked into paypal shipping settings and dont see where to override anything or change this. Anyone have any idea what could be going on here?
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    This happens if the customer has refreshed the checkout page (or visited a different page and comes back). On checkout page, the shipping selection does not retain and defaults to the first one on the list upon refresh.
    Then the customer doesn't think much prior and continue to pay. It is not Paypal it is 3DCart.

    You can test this yourself by doing a mock checkout and then refresh page prior to selecting payment methods.
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      Yes, this is a 3dCart issue. We have the same problem. When using Paypal, the shipping resets to the default shipping option when they are redirected to our website. It is a huge pain, and we spend lots of time issuing refunds and revising orders because of it.
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        I've never seen this and our customers have never complained about it.


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          shipping resets when going to paypal or page refreshes

          anyone come up with a fix for this yet? Every time checkout page refreshes - shipping option goes back to default? Customer goes to paypal and comes back to complete their purchase and shipping option is reset back to the default. Quite a few customers who are not too happy.


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            PayPal will not always reflect discounts which confuses customers


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              Brass and Silver how did you fix the issue - we're still having this issue and after a few years with 3dcart are about to look for different hosts as resetting details for customers who are coming back from paypal to checkout and their shipping is being reset is crazy! I just went to your website and tested system by going to the shopping cart and selected express shipment - came back from paypal to finalize payment and shipment option does not change - what did you do as 3dcart is clueless. Thanks!