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  • Changing shipping price

    There is a thread about UPS calculator for 3dcart giving a lower shipping rate to the customer than it actually is. I have my cart set up that when someone places an order it authorizes the card and then I have to go in manually and then go back in and capture it. If it gives a lower rate and say I need to charge an extra 5 dollars, can I go in and change the price? ex. the price given to the customer was $10, but it cost me $15. If I change shipping price and then hit capture will it take out the $15 or just $10?

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    I am not sure of the answer to your question, but did the customer authorize the extra $5?

    If our cart charges less than actual shipping charges, we honor the lower price.

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      I didn't charge them the extra $5. I thought about going flat rate postal for this item, but wasn't sure if I could change the price. I was just using the extra $5 as an example.


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        I understand what you're asking.

        If you have a credit card authorization for $10, and you need to collect for an order that is $15, then you want to collect only the additional $5 - NOT another transaction for $15. If you run another transaction for $15, then the original $10 will still be pending on the customer's account. The result is a net temporary allocation of $25 from the customer's account.
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