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  • error code 30

    Okay, I've noticed customers getting error code 30 and I know that means their payment didn't go through but what exactly does it mean? Card number was invalid.....card was declined? Is there a way to get more specific error results?

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    We've setup the credit card error to be generic for a reason.
    First, let’s talk about how you the merchant can find out what’s going on. Every transaction that occurs will register with your gateway, so a quick look into your gateway, ie., Linkpoint control panel will show any transactions that where not accepted and why.

    Now, the reason why we do not show the exact reason for decline is because we’ve seen it too many times that sites using online payment gateways are used to test credit card information. Typically the hacker would start by putting in all the info they got, and then try to checkout. If it fails because “billing address does not match” they try different zip codes, etc, until the find it. If CVV2 fails, they know to try a new combination, etc, etc.

    When this happens, you get 2 problems, 1, you get charged a lot on your gateway fees, because each transaction still costs you somewhere between 25 -40 cents, and 2, you get more fraudulent orders. If you really want to remove this, we can, but I don’t recommend it.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      Okay, I can completely understand that. I use Verisign and I've never noticed this but I've never looked. I'll have to check it out.