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  • Delete Uncompleted Orders

    Would really like to be able to delete uncompleted orders.
    I currently have over 4200 uncompleted orders, just from yesterday!
    This would be a welcomed feature, especially for ScanAlert.

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    I'd like the capabilities to do this as well. I've been testing my store a ton lately, and have started accumulating many "incomplete" orders.


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      I have 33,000 incomplete orders - 32,990 of them are from Scan Alert.


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        Customer support told me these would automatically be deleted every 60 days. It would be much better if we could delete them manually when needed. What is Scan Alert and how can this create orders? I haven't turned my cart on yet - so am only getting my incomplete test orders so far.
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          Scan Alert is a company that offers Hacker Safe. You may have seen the seal on various companies. It helps to make sure your website is safe from hackers and is PCI compliant. They run a scan daily, which creates incomplete orders, as it tests each page.

          I recently haven't been receiving the Scan Alert incomplete orders, so I am wondering if 3dcart did something about this.